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How therapy works?

No two people are the same so every therapeutic journey is unique. I offer a confidential space where you can feel seen and heard. You may have mixed feelings about seeking support and taking a leap of trust. I will listen carefully in order to understand why you have come, and what you’re hoping for from therapy.

Whether you are bringing specific problems, or a desire to discover more about yourself and grow, therapy offers an environment where you can express your feelings and gain insight into your difficulties. Over time therapy can expand your awareness and deepen your understanding, creating a richer, more meaningful life. 


What should I expect?

You may be experiencing anxiety, depression, anger or confidence issues. Often these stem from painful experiences in our past. 


Therapy can change the way we experience ourselves and others by exploring what lies beneath our beliefs and patterns of behaviour. Together we will come to understand how the past effects the present; your relationships, work, and feelings about yourself. Therapy provides a non-judgemental space to explore challenging thoughts and feelings whilst gaining insights and new perspectives.

How do we begin?

I work from my private practice in Blackheath in South East London or via Zoom. We would begin with an initial conversation by phone and agree on a time for a consultation. During that hour we would decide together whether you would like to continue and for how many sessions.


Sessions cost £60 and last for 50 minutes. 

The therapeutic relationship

The relationship between the therapist and client is central to this experience. I will listen and support you to explore and deepen your own understanding. I may offer a new perspective, but I won’t provide solutions. I believe that every person has the resources to find their own answers, given time and support.


It may be that similar difficulties to those you experience with others in your life surface in the therapeutic relationship. This offers us an opportunity to explore your relationship patterns in a safe space where we can look beneath the surface and understand the deeper issues at play. As we come to understand the origins of difficult feelings, self-acceptance and compassion grow and critical thoughts quieten. I will encourage you to become curious about parts of yourself that may have felt you needed to hide. Over time a new narrative can evolve as you come to recognize your strengths and connect with a sense of purpose.

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